High Volume Cut and Fold

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At JMS we thrive on high volume cutting and folding due to the capabilities of our latest machinery investment.

Our LCG 3015 laser cutting machine boasts the following capabilities:

  • Fully automatic programming and nesting.
  • Bar code reader – Fast program loading.
  • Rapid feed rates: 170m/min (fastest in class).
  • Oil shot piercing – preventing splatter and improving quality.
  • ECO Cut – 38% higher processing rates using smaller nozzles.

Our two HFE3i press brakes boasts the following capabilities:

  • Standardised programming – Both machines capable of running every program.
  • Multi touch screen that allows for 3D simulation at the machine – Minimises human error.
  • Sheet followers help reduce process times for larger parts.
  • Automatic angle sensors – Allows for efficient and accurate program adjustment.
  • Integrated CAD-CAM software – Speedy efficient programming.

Through the use of these capabilities JMS can provide very competitive lead times through optimised productivity whilst maintaining the high quality standard required by our customers.

Project Image
Project Image
Project Image