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JMS Metaltec Lamination Division

Utilising our team’s expertise and the latest technology, we deliver bespoke lamination solutions to the electric motor industry, providing the highest quality core refurbishment and expediting the overall repair process. We have built strong relationships throughout the electrical and mechanical engineering sectors. We work in partnership with companies who provide electric motor repair and rewinds across various sectors including automotive, power generation, nuclear, oil and gas to name a few. With the new “Ensis” technology we can profile electrical laminations at rapid speeds without any distortion or burrs on the profile.


Send us your enquiry today for Laminations to: jason@jmsmetaltec.com or brian@jmsmetaltec.com

We introduced the lastest in Laser Technology, the AMADA “Ensis” 6 KW Fibre Laser to compliment our current metal fabrication services. Fibre Laser was brought into the metal fabrication industry a few years ago but the latest, with a patented beam control unit was brought into service by JMS Metaltec in 2019. Always at the forefront of metal fabrication, our investment will bring a whole new dimension to metal profiling. With a cutting table size of 4 Metre by 2 Metre, the thickness capability has also increased producing an edge finish with superior quality. Our capability now increases to:

25mm Thick Stainless Steel, 25mm Thick Aluminium, 25mm Thick Carbon, 25mm Thick Hardox, 15mm Thick Brass, 12mm Thick Copper and 10mm Thick Titanium.

Send us your enquiry today to: jason@jmsmetaltec.com


JMS Metaltec are a leading sheet metal fabrication company based in Kilrea, Coleraine, Northern Ireland and with continued investment in the latest processing technologies, provide a quality & reliable service to all our customers. Laser Cutting, Tube Laser Cutting , Folding, Fabrication, Welding and Finishing are completed under one roof, meaning we are a one stop shop for all your sub-contracting needs.

Using express freight we can have a delivery to England, Scotland and Wales within 48 hours.

Established since 1994 JMS Metaltec are accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation standards and our experienced team can get the job done, on time and for a competitive price.

Having the latest Amada Laser technology in the 6KW “Ensis” Laser and the AMADA FO-MII Rotary Index CO2 Laser, both machines have extremely competitive cutting speeds, ensuring optimum productivity and value.

Our state-of-the-art Amada rotary index tube laser is capable of processing tubes up to 8 meters in length and accurate to tolerances of 0.2mm. Tube lasering eliminates the need for conventional processes such as sawing, drilling and milling alongside enhancing speed and accuracy.

JMS Metaltec offer the latest metal bending technology with our two Amada HFE3i press brakes. We can fold up to 4.3m in length, 15mm thick material with a maximum force of 220T.

Providing a quality fabrication service covering a range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and hardox, our fully coded welders operate to BS EN 9606-1 ensuring our quality meets the high standard required by our customers.

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